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The Fix Is In

Got the long awaited DNA results for my dog. Really, did it take long enough? As my dog has become the center of my life I have been running to the mailbox everyday expectantly hoping to find out the lineage of the little love of my life.

Well… she is half Cocker Spaniel and half Yorkshire Terrier. So willful meets hyper. Or cranky meets crazy (how fitting).

I knew there was terrier in there. How did I know? Maybe by hours and hours of this:

So basically she has all the mischievousness of a terrier and the strength of a cocker to carry out her nefarious plans.

They are called Corkies. She is the one in ten with the sporting coat and extra poundage. The better to pull by. The average Corkie is 12 pounds – but the one in ten sporting variety is 20.

Or maybe by the fact that her best friend is a Jack Russell called Margot and they have the EXACT same behavior.  Here they are.  They were in the middle of playing when they spotted another dog coming down the street:

She is crazy crazy. But she is a love. In her reflective moments she gets up on the back of the couch and sits behind me with her head on my shoulder. Who could resist that?

If you have a sensitive stomach stop reading now. Because this week she had truly explosive diarrhea. Like a fire hose was shooting out of her butt hole. I didn’t know it was possible for fecal matter to travel that far down the block out of a dog’s anus.

So we went directly to the fancy vet in DUMBO. And as soon as we left the office after paying two hundred and seventy five dollars she went directly across the street and did a perfectly normal poopie.

Thanks Lu! And she hadn’t even taken ONE of the expensive antibiotic pills yet. Yes, I spent two hundred and seventy five dollars in twenty minutes on a condition that apparently didn’t exist anymore.

Glad I took some free biscuits.