The Not to Do List

Cranky went from functioning primarily in the performance world to working in the business world and has, oddly, been successful at it. But there are times it still makes Cranky cringe. Like now. Now when there is a pandemic and there are business meetings on marketing strategies during the time of Corona. I can’t take it. Years of being an actor has made Cranky in touch with her emotions which is very unfortunate during these times. I’m afraid any day there will be an update to our website something like:










Cranky is not her usual efficient self, so the dearth of clients is a welcome thing. Work has been low of the list of priorities. Priorities are now categorized in a new way during the stay at home life. They are:


Eat: Will accomplish

Buy Food: A must

Wash Dishes: Will do because want to eat more

Online Dance Class: Haven’t missed a day as only sign of life

Sleep: Now a reflex to go into an early coma and sleep late

Walk dog: Love of dog overcomes laziness so we never miss one

Netflix/Amazon: Yes. Thank you.

Shower: Everyday because sleep better

Wash hair: Any night not going into early coma (any day now)

Work: Need money to keep coming in VS no motivation, so compromise and work for 2 hours

Pay bills: Will get to it any day now

Prepare tax docs and send to accountant: Never going to happen my friend


Cranky has gotten used to the new order of things and the things that she will never do. It’s OK. Maybe motivation will come back before tax day on July 15th. My sweet accountant spoke to Cranky the other day and said. “Get the stuff I need to me soon, OK?” Cranky said “Sure!” and knew it might not happen.


Yesterday someone asked Cranky, “What are you going to do this weekend?” I thought how could you ask me that question? There is nothing to do and no place to go? Before I answered she said, “I’m getting Chinese food delivered.” Then I realized that the standard of what constitutes and activity has totally changed. Now food delivery is on the list how I spent my weekend.


Cranky meant to pay the bills today. She really did. And was going to vacuum too and wash hair! But now it is already somehow 6 o’clock and time to walk the dog and eat. Oh well.


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