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ISIS is Annoying Me Now

ISIS is annoying me now. This morning a candidate called me at 7:30 AM. Anyone who knows Cranky knows not to call her at 7:30 AM.  He couldn’t find the door to the firm I sent him to. Not the greatest sign for someone interviewing for a job working for an SVP with 300 reports. We stayed on the phone while I talked him through walking around the corner until he found the door.

Then I get a call from another candidate asking if her interview is still on since there was an EXPLOSION. I say yes, even though I don’t know for sure because I don’t believe in letting terrorists interrupt my life especially when it involves getting a commission. NO ISIS NO! Don’t be messing up my interview schedule. Then she calls me from the Uber to say her ETA may be later due to the street closures. Well, if you called me at 8 AM about the EXPLOSION maybe you should have LEFT EARLIER since you knew all about it! – I thought this but instead was very kind on the phone as I know to never rattle a candidate before an interview. This is where my theater experience comes in handy. I know how to calm people down and pump them up before a performance/interview.

Sorry to get political, but this is, of course, Donald Trump’s fault. The Jerusalem thing was so unnecessary and just stirred things up. And for what? For Trump’s Evangelical supporters who have some weird end-of-the-world conspiracy theory thing. I hate to tell you Trumpy, but they are not enough to bring up your approval rating. Or get you elected again. So, he makes a political move and mine and other New Yorker’s lives are put in jeopardy because of it. Nobody is going to no golf course with no bombs. No no. They are all gonna come to NYC and screw with my interview schedule or kill me or something. Or worse, make me lose a commission. NO ISIS NO!