The Bad Day

Cranky had the trifecta of bad days yesterday. I always check my email as soon as I open my eyes. There was a facebook message that read: “Cranky,I want you to know that I’ve unfriended you. Your criticisms of Trump were too harsh. I believe it’s people like you who contributed to the climate that caused the member of the House of Representatives to be shot yesterday. Congratulations. Your criticisms worked.” Cranky believes that we all should pay attention to a merited rebuke. So I did some soul searching and realized I need to be less vitriolic where Trump is concerned and not be so opinionated on Facebook and upset people that don’t agree with me. Then I listened to the news and heard Trump appointed his event planner as head of the housing program and I got pissed off all over again. Visions of public housing with fresh flowers in the lobby and trays of canapes when there is no heat or hot water.

Then the phone rang and a woman saying she was from the IRS asked if I was aware that there is a warrant out for my arrest. I said “No, ah, I don’t believe you.” She said, “Fine, we are sending them over to arrest you now.” Cranky is not a morning person and was in a bit of a fog, so for a minute thought, “I better get dressed, because it would be awful to be arrested in my nightgown.” But getting dressed before having the piece of toast is a drastic move, so Cranky racked her brain for something she had done that was arrestable, and couldn’t think of anything. So I researched the phone number and it belongs to a  Kobla E Agbeyome. So I called back and asked for Kobla E Agbeyome. I got silence then a lot of ums and ahs, then a hang on for a moment, then there is no one here by that name. I recognized that voice as the woman who said she was sending the police to arrest me. I said, “Do you realize what you are doing is hurting people?” She said, ” We need money.” I said, “There must be another way to make money. You are hurting your own soul by doing this.” She said, ” I don’t care about myself.” I said,  You should pray to find another way.” She said, “Go ahead. Call the police.” This made Cranky angry/sad, sad/angry. So I called the IRS fraud hotline, and by the end of the process of leaving a message, Cranky realized why these people are so brazen. 

Then my partner from work called and was screaming that one of my candidates wrote a “lackluster thank you note.” A LACKLUSTER THANK YOU NOTE. We are recruiters. (Please don’t send your resume.) She is yelling at me about this. Is this a big thing in life? Does Cranky give a crap about a thank you note? No. The fact that I am even having a conversation about a lackluster thank you note depresses Cranky. And that my partner thinks its OK to yell about it, is depressing.

When I hang up I need an antidote to the trifecta of horrors. So Cranky immediately goes online and buys a ticket to A Doll’s House, Part 2. Something to really care about. Theater. As Cranky always says, theater is real life and business is the land of make believe.

1 Response to “The Bad Day”

  1. 1 HaHaRiki June 18, 2017 at 11:12 pm

    There must have been something in the air that day – worldwide. I had a super crappy day too. You definitely did the right thing by buying a ticket to the theatre!

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