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Why You Must Google YOURSELF.

There is a short film I worked on on youtube. It is in two parts. It’s been there since February ’02. It’s had 16,390 views. One of the people who is not among the 16,390 views is me. Because I had NO FUCKING IDEA IT WAS THERE.

This type of thing happens. A film you work on goes on youtube, or  goes to a festival. Or maybe a bunch of festivals. And nobody tells the actors.

This is why if you’re an actor you must google yourself. I know it’s dorky. Do it when you are alone. Put quotes around your name and add the word cast to speed things up. And I guarantee you will find out things you’ve been doing that you didn’t know you were doing.

I’m credited on some horrid video game and I have no idea how that happened.

An actor friend of mine had a full-length film released in Europe. There is a larger than life poster with his name in huge letters. There are like Russian words across the top. (Comrades! Don’t Tell Any of the Actors if You Meet Them!)  He had no clue it had gotten released anywhere.

Can you imagine? You spend days freezing in Central Park. Or stuffed into a little walk-up apartment with no air and no room, full of equipment for days on end.

Then you’re done and the director is like BU-BYE!! And uses the film to promote himself and doesn’t think like maybe the actors might be interested in what the film is doing. Or could use a prestigious festival name on their resume.

So if you are an actor. Do it. Right now. I guarantee you will have things to add to your resume. Something you worked on might have even won awards.

Googling yourself may not be attractive. But it is so necessary.


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